Our Services

Software Development

Software Development

Factory services

Production system(Inventory management, transportation management, purchasing management)

Office services

Sales system (Sales management, purchasing management, inventory management, transportation management, accounting)

Sales representative

DCR : X-Analisys (IBM AS/400)
Analyze design information from AS/400 objects, visualization, a modern solution with a toolset for documenting

WingArc1st : BI Solition (Dr.Sum、Motion Boad)
Provide optimal form of data utilization (Data aggregation, data analysis, and making report)

Engineering services

Engineering services

Production engineering

Support for production preparation, equipment design, process preparation, making manual for production line and robot simulation software

Design, development

Design and body modeling

SE, Design and development

Automatic multilevel warehouse, High speed sorting/picking system and Automatic guided vehicles

Technical support

Provide outsource staff for major automobile manufacturers and related parts manufacturers, etc. and support for efficient design in vehicle development

3D/2D CAD design contract, data generating support

Design various of automotive parts, design structure of logistic machinery etc., CAD used : CATIA v5、iCAD (3D) and AutoCAD (2D) etc.