Reclining Buddha

Our company, Thai DCR was established in Bangkok, Thailand in 2010.
Thai DCR support Japanese companies in Thailand, based on the experiences of our group company Daiichi System Engineering in Japan in the development of the fields of aerospace, automotive, industrial machinery, and medical equipment, and Thai DCR aim to be a global company that can contribute to the Southeast Asian region originating in Thailand, already mutually build up friendship with Japan.

Support manufacturing companies in the Southeast Asian region with our technical capabilities.

We are a group of engineers. We are a group of engineers focusing on mechanical design and software development. We will continue to challenge the new technology based on our philosophy of "being useful with technology".

We meet our customers' expectations.

We commit on customer satisfaction. Our customers will be in the Kingdom of Thailand, in Southeast Asia, and in Japan providing engineering service by Thai DCR. These activities will contribute to the usefulness of Kingdom of Thailand.
For this purpose, we take good care of our people. Our company's assets are our employees. We train our employees in conjunction with our group companies in Japan. "Customer satisfaction" is provided by our continuous efforts.
Therefore, our employees always make efforts to improve themselves, develop their skills, challenge customers' themes, and solve problems. Then, they turn it into their own enjoyment, challenging and utilizing the new generation technology. We aim to create such a team.

Osamu Miyagi, Managing Director