Reclining Buddha

We have been developing engineering services in Bangkok since 2010.

Based on developing achievements of an aerospace, automobile and machinery field in Japan. We aim to support Japanese companies in Thailand and make contribution to the technology in Kingdom of Thailand, which is a pro-Japanese country.

I myself used to be in charge of system engineering for a major logistics system manufacturers for a long time. We have experienced an extensive range of situations from planning to the final delivery of equipments.

It's a awesome experience to be truely able to witness the achievement of "Improvement" through the logistics system. It would be appreciated if we could solve problems for customers in Thailand.

To increase communication opportunities with our Thai staff, we desire to function as One team by instilling Japanese culture as well such as “Ho, Ren, So” (reporting, contacting, consulting) and “5S” by our Japanese expats.

We also smoothly support for Offshore jobs from Japan, don't be hesitated to use our services.

In addition, in order to continuously improve our technical skills, from 2020 we have started training Thai staff to work in Japan with the cooperation of our Japanese group companies.

We desire to provide adequate services in Thailand in the future by making good use of this opportunities and learning not only the language but also the development technology and the Japanese way of working.

Motonari Takahashi